10 super practical Windows tips, if you know 2, count me as the loser

The Windows system is an indispensable tool in life, study, or work, and the key is how you use it. In fact, Windows has great potential. Here are some techniques that you may not know.

Do you know how to retrieve a webpage if you accidentally close it? Remember, just press “Ctrl+Shift+T” to immediately restore the page you just closed!

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  1. Snapping tool screenshot tool, are you still using third-party software or Ptr sc? Some people even open QQ or WeChat just to take a screenshot. Windows comes with a powerful screenshot software that can capture windows, full screens, and even irregular screenshots. When taking a screenshot, it will automatically hide itself. Win+R input snippingtool
  2. Character mapping table, ©® Do you know how these symbols are inputted? Enter “charmap” in Win+R to access it and find the symbol you need. Choose “copy” and it will work!
  3. Quickly start the program locked in the taskbar. The Win+number keys (0-9) can quickly start the program at the position indicated by the number in the taskbar.
  4. Win key+↑ maximizes, Win key+↓ minimizes, Win key+← window occupies the left half of the screen, Win key+→ → opposite.
  5. Alt+double-click with mouse to view file properties
  6. Sticky notes, note function.
  7. Quickly copy the file path and open the folder in a new process.

When we want to explain where a specific file is, it is very troublesome to tell others the “complex” path. Actually, it’s just

You need to hold down the “Shift” key, right-click on the file or folder, and select “Copy as Path” to paste it to your friend

  1. Enter at the beginning of the document in Notepad LOG (no quotation marks, uppercase letters), then record the content and save it, so that when you open it later, you will see the time of each previous modification. Recording time related content would be very convenient!

There are not only these shortcuts for Windows, but also many keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft’s official website. I won’t introduce them one by one here.

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