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Starting from October 5th, eligible Windows 10 PCs can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free, and brand new PC devices pre installed with Windows 11 have also been launched for sale. From this moment on, Windows PC will usher in a new era, and Windows 11 will also bring you a brand new experience.

Today, based on my own usage experience, I will share with you the 11 most noteworthy Windows 11 must-haves, which not only empower productivity but also stimulate our creativity.

Align Task Bar Left

When I first opened Windows 11, my old driver was a bit flustered – the once familiar Windows taskbar was actually in the middle!

I believe many Windows users, like me, still habitually move their mouse to the bottom left corner on the Windows 11 interface. So, I followed my heart’s call and immediately set up the taskbar of Windows 11.

Yes, the taskbar of Windows 11 can be aligned to the left, and it is still in the game.

Technical 02 Quick Layout Application Window

When you open multiple application windows, simply hover the mouse over the icon of the “Adjust” application window, and you can see the multi application window layout scheme provided by Windows 11. You no longer need to drag the mouse back and forth to accurately place the current application window at the specified screen position.

Especially for friends with large display screens, the efficiency of accessing and viewing multiple windows simultaneously is self-evident.

Technology 03 Aggregation Information Small Component Panel

On the Windows 11 taskbar, a new icon called “Widget” has been added. Clicking on it will open a widget panel that aggregates information.

Because I often travel and need to keep up with the local weather situation, I added a weather application in the “Mini Components” panel; At the same time, I also add daily schedule reminders and to-do tasks to it, allowing me to keep track of my daily work schedule at any time. Even, I have added a Microsoft 365 application in the “Widgets” panel, which can dynamically display updates on what content or documents my colleagues are currently submitting in my work team.

When I first saw the “Widgets” panel of Windows 11, my first reaction was actually 15 years ago in Windows Vista. Do you think the widgets panel of Windows 11 is similar to those in Windows Vista?

Technology 04 enables multi desktop environment

Due to the nature of my job, I often need to share my Windows desktop for presentations in training classes, or share my Windows screen for solution explanations in online meeting environments. And if there is some sensitive content on the shared Windows screen, it is still very awkward.

Do you still remember a professor from a certain university who livestreamed his personal chat content during online classes, which led to the “Nansha Real Estate Incident” – these were all bloody lessons!

In Windows 11, multi desktop management has become easier and simpler.

I can create a new desktop environment through the “Task View” icon in the Windows 11 taskbar, and name each desktop and set a different background for it. And every time I need to do screen sharing, I only need to operate in a specific Windows 11 desktop environment.

Simplified right-click menu for technology 05

In Windows 11, select a file, then right-click, and you will find that the familiar Windows right-click menu has changed!

Yes, it has become more concise (making me feel like I need to spend some time getting familiar with it).

It aggregates the most commonly used operation commands at the top of the right-click menu through more refined icons, such as copy, paste, rename, delete, and so on.

If you haven’t adapted to the changes in the Windows 11 right-click menu yet, it’s okay. You can choose “Show more options” and that familiar flavor will come back.

Technology 06 allows voice input to release hands

You will find that in familiar office components such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook, voice input is already supported in almost any text input location, and Windows 11 is no exception.

In addition to setting the language for voice input, we can also access advanced settings for voice input in Windows 11 through the [Win] key+[H]. The “automatic punctuation” option provides more intelligent recognition behavior for voice input.

Voice input anywhere on Windows 11 can indeed free up our hands, allowing us to input content in a smoother and more convenient way.

Ji07 Super Intelligent Pinyin Input

The voice input of Windows 11 is very beautiful, but the prerequisite is that you need to read the input information aloud. And when my colleague mischievously put these words in front of me, I basically collapsed.

No additional input methods need to be installed, the Pinyin input method included in Windows 11 can remove all of these rare characters!

You only need to input the letter u first when entering Pinyin, and the Pinyin input method will enter “U mode”.

Then you can pretend to know this Chinese character (how do you pretend? Just put out the pinyin of the part you know in this Chinese character) and input it into the document confidently.

Tech 08 Rich and Colorful Touch Keyboard

My usual work computer is Microsoft Surface, and the built-in soft keyboard on Windows is also an application that I often use. In Windows 11, the built-in “touch keyboard” surprisingly provides so many choices of theme colors.

When I opened the soft keyboard of Windows 11 again, I had a daze like an artist.

Technology 09 Custom Quick Settings Panel

When you click on icons such as “Network”, “Sound”, or “Battery Status” on the far right side of the Windows 11 taskbar, a brand new “Quick Settings Panel” will open.

The shortcut commands you need will be aggregated in this location. Of course, you can also click on the “Edit” command icon in this panel to flexibly manage related settings commands in the “Quick Settings Panel”.

It may be hard for you to imagine that my commonly used shortcut settings also include “share nearby”. Through this option switch, I can flexibly share files with other devices.

Technology 10 Flexible Windows Terminal

I often use command-line tools such as PowerShell for service maintenance and debugging, and the built-in Windows terminal application in Windows 11 greatly simplifies the way I open different scripting tools.

I can right-click on the Windows 11 desktop or in any empty folder, select and execute the “Open in Windows Terminal” command.

You will see that the command line tools I need have been aggregated in Windows Terminal, and I can also add other command line configuration files through the Settings option.

Night mode for technology 11 eye protection

If you are working overtime late at night, in order to create a quiet atmosphere, you may turn off the lights in the room, leaving only the computer screen on.

But did you know that staring at a bright computer screen in a dark environment can be very harmful to our eyes. Because when the computer is working, the screen emits a blue light.

At this point, remember to turn on the eye protection mode of Windows 11.

The Night Mode of Windows 11 can use warmer colors to help block blue light, and you can also customize the automation on time for this mode. Even if you have to work at night, it won’t cause eye fatigue.

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