33 common questions! Ultra Full Windows Troubleshooting Manual

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, your Windows system will encounter difficult to diagnose problems. And when this happens, what will you do? I hope this book can provide solutions and methods for efficient problem-solving when there are system problems but I am not sure what exactly happened and where the problems occurred.

This book is a series of articles titled “ECS Operation and Maintenance Guide: Linux System Diagnosis”, which implements the policy of combining theory with practice. This book combines the years of experience of Alibaba Cloud engineers in cloud ECS operation and maintenance, and explains Windows from a practical perspective. It is rich in examples, easy to understand, practical in content, and suitable for learning.

The author of “ECS Operation and Maintenance Guide – Windows System Diagnosis” is Qi Yu, an Alibaba Cloud engineer with years of experience in Windows system troubleshooting and Alibaba Cloud server troubleshooting. Currently, he focuses on server system kernel and performance tuning.

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The content of this book is practical, with a thorough analysis of 33 common Windows problem cases, which can provide readers with 360 ° guidance on their practical journey.


  1. Common troubleshooting solutions for Windows startup failures
    Teach you how to handle the issue of “Windows startup failure” from two different versions of the system
  2. After installing the patch, the server startup is stuck
    Thoroughly investigate the situation of server startup getting stuck after installing patches in two cases
  3. Restart stuck in “Applying computer settings”? 6-step investigation and completion
    Reboot stuck in “Applying computer settings”? Six step investigation and completion
  4. Windows console login cannot switch users
    Console login unable to switch users? Three steps to help you handle it
  5. Startup error “An operating system was not found”
    Four points to note when starting an error message “An operating system was not found”
  6. Windows password reset does not take effect
    A detailed investigation into the issue of ineffective password reset for Windows
  7. Startup error “No bootable device”
    Three steps to troubleshoot startup error “No bootable device”
  8. Activate common troubleshooting plans
    This article shares four points to pay attention to in activating commonly used troubleshooting plans
  9. The window machine cannot ping the KMS server
    Three points to understand the problem of window machine ping not being able to access KMS server
  10. Windows activation error 0xC004F074
    Four steps to easily solve the problem of Windows activation error 0xC004F074
  11. Windows activation error 0x80070020 or 0x80041010
    Deep Analysis of Windows Activation Error 0x80070020 or 0x80041010
  12. Three troubleshooting solutions for Windows remote issues
    Three troubleshooting solutions for Windows remote issues
  13. Windows network status display X, no network card information visible
    “Windows network status display X” is no longer a challenge
  14. Windows network card driver lost, manual installation of driver
    Windows network card driver lost? Teach you how to manually install drivers
  15. Five commonly used troubleshooting solutions for Windows updates
    Share 5 common troubleshooting solutions for Windows updates
  16. Error in searching for updates? Two solutions
    Two solutions to solve the problem of errors in searching for updates
  17. Three troubleshooting methods for “This update is not applicable to your computer”
    Three troubleshooting methods for “This update is not applicable to your computer”
  18. Three Practical Analysis of Updating Installation Errors
    Three Practical Analysis of Updating Installation Errors
  19. Service startup failure? Easy to handle in 2 steps
    Service startup failed? Easy to handle in 2 steps
  20. Service startup error “cannot start on local computer”
    How to handle the service startup error of “unable to start on local computer”
  21. Service startup failure “The system cannot find the specified file”
    A case study of service startup failure where the system cannot find the specified file
  22. How to manually restore services
    Super detailed! Teach you how to manually restore services
  23. High Memory Occupation – Pages/Unpaged
    Thoroughly investigate the issue of high page count/non page usage in memory through six points
  24. High memory usage – AWE
    Does AWE occupy high memory? Reading this article teaches you how to handle
  25. Explorerexe occupies CPU or high internal storage capacity
    Starting from three aspects, solve the problem of explorerexe occupying CPU or high memory
  26. Is the C drive full of space? Mainly for these two reasons
    Is the C drive space full? So it’s these two reasons!
  27. How to track automatic abnormal exits of Windows processes
    Four steps teach you how to track automatic abnormal exits of Windows processes
  28. Process crash error 1000
    Process crash error 1000? Don’t panic, the investigation methods are all here
  29. Windows desktop display black or blue screen
    Thoroughly analyze the issue of black or blue screen display on the Windows desktop
  30. Windows Exception – Suspected Poisoning
    Two cases tell you how to troubleshoot signs of Windows poisoning
  31. Windows Data Recovery – Dynamic Disk Display Invalid
    How to handle invalid dynamic disk display when revealing secrets
  32. How do I reset the abnormal issue with WMIs?
    What should I do if there is an abnormal issue with WMIs? Read this article to tell you the answer
  33. Is there an issue with the permission prompt? 3 steps to modify the registry
    Three steps to handle scenarios where modifying the registry prompts permission issues

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