6 Windows operating tips

  1. Quick screen recording

When you see interesting content and want to share it with friends, you don’t have to download and share it again. Record the screen while watching, which saves download time.

[Operation Steps]

Press 【 Win+G 】 to enable the screen recording tool, click 【 Capture 】 to record the screen content. If you want to input your own voice, you can choose 【 Audio 】 – 【 Voice 】, and turn on 【 Microphone 】.

  1. Virtual keyboard

If a key on the keyboard suddenly fails, we can enable a virtual keyboard and use a mouse instead of the keyboard.

[Operation Steps]

① Press 【 Win+R 】 and enter 【 osk 】 to enable the virtual keyboard. If these 5 buttons fail, then use the next method.

② Move the cursor to the taskbar, check 【 Show Touch Keyboard Button 】, and then click the keyboard button in the taskbar.

  1. Quickly save images

When browsing web pages, if you want to save images, you don’t need to search for download buttons everywhere. You can quickly save images.

[Operation Steps]

Hold down the image you want to save, drag it to the bottom right corner of the screen, enter the desktop, release your hand, and the image will be saved.

  1. Batch renaming images

There are quite a few saved images, and renaming each one is too cumbersome. You can use the Windows shortcut.

[Operation Steps]

Press Ctrl+A to select all images, then press F2, enter the image name, and press Enter.

  1. Desktop Notes

When you need to record to-do items and important information, you can use Windows Notes to record them. It can change the color of the note, insert images, tilt the font, bold it, add underline, etc. These simple edits can also be done.

[Operation Steps]

Find “Notes” in the “Start” menu bar, pin it to the taskbar, and you can quickly open it in the future. Then, create a new note and edit it.

  1. One click scheduling window

We want to view several windows at the same time, and adjusting the window size one by one is very troublesome. In fact, the Windows system comes with a split screen function.

[Operation Steps]

Select one of the windows and press [Win]+[↑/↓/←/→] to place the window in the direction of the arrow in one of the four corners of the screen.

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