How to add a direct Control Panel shortcut on the Windows 11 desktop?

How to add a direct Control Panel shortcut on the Windows 11 desktop?
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Despite Microsoft’s efforts to marginalize Windows Control Panel, it remains an important tool for system settings and troubleshooting. This will show how to add a direct Control Panel shortcut on the Windows 11 desktop< Img src=“ “Data caption=” “data size=” normal “data rawwidth=” 900 “data rawheight=” 383 “data initial token=” v2-1513910162a955ec245cf954e756b7ad “class=” origin_image zh lightbox thumb “width=” 900 “data initial=” “Since the release of Windows 10 in 2017, Microsoft has systematically marginalized traditional control panels and instead supported the” Settings “feature. However, many times” Settings “cannot meet our needs. We can add a direct” Control Panel “shortcut to the desktop in Windows to solve more problems. This method may seem simple, but it only changes a setting. However, finding this option is not easy and requires multiple steps to find, so it is necessary to add a shortcut. This method does not involve the Windows registry, all we need to do is change personalized settings. Click the” Start “menu, then click” Settings “. Switch to the” Personalization “tab.Click to enter ‘Theme’.Click to enter” Desktop Icon Settings “.Check” Control Panel “.<img src=” “Data caption=” “data size=” normal “data rawwidth=” 462 “data rawheight=” 581 “data initial token=” v2-6130ce8bbddc85441826b6b86fcf8aa8 “class=” origin_image zh lightbox thumb “width=” 462 “data initial=” “Now, when you return to the Windows 11 desktop, you will find a shortcut that allows you to directly access the Control Panel. There is also a simple way to create a shortcut to the Control Panel. Open: C: \ Windows \ System32, find the file controlle.exe, right-click, and select Send to Desktop Shortcut.”.

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