A few clicks to quickly turn off Windows 10 automatic updates

This article will share with you an extremely simple method for turning off Windows 10 automatic updates, without the need to modify advanced system settings. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can firmly control the system update switch in your hands.
Many ordinary users of Windows 10 may encounter some difficulties due to its slightly aggressive automatic update mechanism.

Of course, system updates are a necessary means to maintain system security and add new features, and generally do not cause damage to the system. However, sometimes, system updates for Windows 10 come at different times: one night, when I received a notice from the boss to make a temporary revision, I found that my computer had a small circle indicating that I was configuring updates; Using mobile hotspot to connect the computer to the internet, system updates unknowingly steal hundreds of megabytes of data… Moreover, unlike Windows 7/8.1, as Windows 10 is a constantly improving and enhancing system, Microsoft does not provide users with a button to directly turn off system updates. This makes system updates for Windows 10 sometimes out of our control, causing unnecessary small troubles.

In order to solve this problem, some computer experts have come up with their own research methods: closing system service entries, modifying the registry… However, these methods of disabling updates all involve advanced system settings, which are more difficult for users with weaker computer foundations, and may cause system crashes due to misoperation. Some operation methods can also cause the app store to be unable to download apps. So, is there a way to turn off automatic updates by simply making some simple settings in the basic settings interface?

Of course there is! Moreover, this method is exceptionally simple, requiring only the following three simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the network icon circled in red in the bottom right corner of the taskbar (the icon in the picture represents the WiFi connection, and if using a wired network, there will be a computer monitor style icon) to enter the network list.

Step 2: In the network list, select the commonly used network and click on the attributes circled in the red box in the figure.

Step 3: On the detailed settings page of this network, face the dropdown menu and open “Set as metered connection”, as shown in the red box in the figure.

Great success!
With this setting, automatic updates for Windows 10 can be paused. As long as you use the WiFi or wired connection that has been set up above, the system will no longer update quietly when you least expect it to. This includes the built-in synchronization network drive OneDrive and app store downloaded programs, which will not automatically upload and download data when using this network. If you replace the WiFi connection and then set up the new network according to the above steps, it’s simple and easy to do, and everything is under control.

Of course, it is not recommended to permanently disable system updates here. It is still necessary to regularly check and install updates in System Settings – Updates and Security when idle. As mentioned earlier, Windows 10 is a constantly improving system that maintains the latest version, maintains system stability and security, and experiences a more user-friendly interface and more powerful features.

Microsoft itself has also carefully listened to user suggestions and made improvements to the system in the Windows 10 update. In the upcoming Creator Update, Microsoft has thoughtfully added a “delayed update” feature for users, which can delay system updates by up to a month and allow users more freedom to set restart and installation times. In addition, there have been significant updates such as optimization of display effects at high resolutions, remastered 3D drawings, adaptation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, and game modes that fully activate the system’s firepower. One day after April 11, 2017, you can find a quiet afternoon, brew a cup of coffee, sit in front of your computer, open the installation program for creative updates, and then pick up a book to savor. In the mist of ink, quietly wait for the computer to complete the update, with a more elegant and powerful appearance, accompany you to witness every moment of inspiration surging.

You see, some of the hassles when using electronic products can sometimes be solved with very simple settings. This column will publish a series of articles to help everyone achieve higher efficiency and a sense of happiness when using electronic products. Welcome to continue following us~

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