Essential privacy protection settings for Win10 users, disable excess privacy services

Although Win10 has added a “privacy” option in its settings, allowing us to control our private data, its privacy issues are still widely criticized, with some services that cannot be easily turned off in its settings.

By default, Win10 will retrieve information such as our location, input, and application usage.

If many users are not familiar with it, they may not be aware. Below is an introduction to how to adjust Win10 privacy settings, turn off unwanted tracking services, and reduce system resource usage.

Adjusting Win10 privacy settings
Open Settings ->Privacy, which lists various permissions and data that the application may request. Refer to the following figure for general settings:

A series of permissions such as location, camera, microphone, notification, voice input, etc. If they are not used, it is recommended to close and clear the record.

Enable backend application startup permissions as needed; In the future, if an application requires a certain permission to function properly, simply enable the permission for that application separately.

There are still many options that we cannot directly modify in the settings, and we need to use third-party privacy software to make adjustments.

Using WPD to further protect system privacy
WPD is a small and powerful Windows system privacy protection tool that allows for deep adjustment of privacy settings through the built-in API of Windows, making it very convenient.

Official website:

Green software does not require installation. After downloading and decompressing, run WPD.exe, and the software supports Chinese.

Click on the question mark on the right side of the project to view a detailed description, making it easier for us to confirm the purpose of the project. Basic settings can be adjusted as needed, without further elaboration.

In addition, it also supports firewall settings and built-in application uninstallation functions. For the sake of caution, it is important to first clarify the effect of the options before proceeding.

Some tracking services allow computers to better understand us and indeed provide us with a better user experience. But there may also be privacy concerns. Fortunately, we still have the option to turn off these services if we don’t like them.

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