How can I solve the problem of my laptop suddenly not connecting to WiFi?

Hi everyone, I believe everyone has encountered this when using a laptop. Suddenly, one day, our laptop couldn’t connect to WIFI. What should we do at this time? What should I do if my laptop cannot connect to WIFI? Today, Xiaojun will summarize all the methods available when you cannot connect to WIFI. Xiaojun is making every effort to ensure that everyone can solve the problem after reading this article. However, all of the following methods cannot solve the problem. So please leave a message for me!
First of all, let’s talk about the built-in WIFI of the laptop (because some friends need an external WIFI module):

Does the WIFI icon in the bottom right corner of the laptop not display?
(1) Solution: Right click on the taskbar with the mouse and select Taskbar Settings.

Taskbar Settings
(2) Then find and turn on or off the system icon in the notification area.

Turn on or off system icons
(3) Find the network icon option, open it, and you will see the icon in the bottom right corner.

  1. Does the taskbar icon display Earth, or does it have a yellow exclamation mark?

This is to inform you that there is currently no WIFI link available. We will click on this image, select our own WIFI, and enter the password. You can connect to WIFI now.

And check the automatic connection, it will automatically connect to this WIFI the next time it starts up, so we don’t need to enter the password again.

  1. What if there is an icon displaying an exclamation mark and the connection cannot be successful?

At this point, we right-click on the WIFI icon, select, ->Open Network and Internet Settings. ->Select Change Adapter Options ->Find the WIFI icon. Right click on the icon and select Diagnosis. This usually fixes DHCP errors. See the following figure:

  1. WIFI service stopped, resulting in inability to connect

(1) Solution: Right click on my computer and select Manage. Then click on the service options

(2) Find the WiFi service in the service program on the right. (Tip: Select any service and press the W key to locate the service area starting with W.) Find the WLAN Auto config option, check if it is enabled, set the period to automatic, and then start it. When it shows that it is running, try connecting to WIFI, as shown in the following figure:

  1. Is the physical switch of the laptop not turned on?

Some laptops may have a WIFI switch set on the side. Check if this switch is turned on, and there is also a WIFI function switch on the laptop. Generally, there are buttons with WIFI icons on the keyboard. Confirm whether it is turned off. This switch is used in combination with the FN key on the keyboard.

  1. WIFI network card driver issue

Perhaps your network card driver no longer exists, we are now checking if there is a problem with the WIFI driver. Right click on my computer ->select Device Manager. Check if there is a yellow exclamation mark in the network adapter in the right area to confirm if the WIFI network card driver is not installed. Right click on it and select Install Driver for processing.

What should a friend who connects to an external WIFI network card do?

The above methods are also universal, and you can try reinserting and unplugging the WIFI network card. Generally, external WiFi cards will have a knowledge light display. Check if it is flashing. The light on indicates that it can work normally. If there is no response, it may also be damaged

If all the methods are not feasible, it may be a hardware problem. Under normal circumstances, all of the above can be resolved

If you have any other questions, please leave a message below to inform me. I will update it after I solve it

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