How to be considered proficient in PPT?

  1. A powerful feature of Office 2013 and above updates is the color picker. With this tool, you can draw specific colors for objects, which is very convenient to operate!
  2. In many cases, the format of a single object needs to run through the entire PPT, such as some special colors, textures, etc. Using a format brush can quickly copy the object’s format without having to redo a new format. Shortcut keys [ctrl+shift+c] [ctrl+shift+v] 3. When filling content in a PPT, reference lines usually leave some blank areas around the canvas. The introduction of reference lines can help us more intuitively limit the area where content is placed. Setting it once can run through the entire PPT. Shortcut key [Alt+F9]
  3. Quick alignment is an intermediate secret to high-end design. To do a good job in layout, the first step is to ensure proper alignment between elements, which may require a bit of OCD. Many friends also expressed that I know alignment is necessary, but there are too many elements and aligning them one by one is too troublesome. In fact, PPT has built-in quick alignment tools, which can quickly align and arrange multiple objects. You can see all of our alignment commands in Format Align, including Left Align, Center Align, Right Align, Top Align, Bottom Align, etc.

Next, let me talk about the design techniques of PPTs to quickly improve your PPT skills. [1] Hot topic association method: It is to take a popular word or advertising slogan from today and replace the word or phrase inside. Simply put, it means changing to a homophonic or homophonic character. A simple association can not only increase reading volume through hot words, but also provide a good PPT title [2] Time pun: It means using words that represent time or have a sense of the times to bring you closer to your fans. Increase reading volume and attention. When the Chinese New Year was approaching, employees of Pepsi would say to each other, “Wishing you Pepsi, endless joy!” Mengniu’s friends would definitely say, “Happy cow year.”. [3] Character transformation method: Text is beautiful, and through the transformation of characters, there will definitely be an icing on the cake effect! There are many types of fonts in China, such as the word “integrity”. “Sincerity” is a question of black and white, indicating whether a person is lying or honest. “Trust” is a matter of scale, whether others trust you or not depends on your past performance. [4] Text background comparison method: Many PPT cover designs are striving to find suitable positions for the text – using PPT text techniques can highlight and deepen certain areas, in order to better display black text. Especially in dark environments where the text contrasts strongly with the background, it allows the audience to clearly grasp the key points at a glance

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