How to complete a good presentation


Actually, to do a good content presentation, two points need to be considered:

  1. Content logic: Before designing a content demonstration, it is recommended that you first create a mind map or outline of the content you want to showcase. This way, when arranging each theme and subtheme, you don’t have to worry about missing ideas. For example, if we take a presentation of a courseware as an example, we can divide it into several parts: ① Introduction of course content ② Introduction of the author ③ Interpretation of the text ④ Key knowledge explanation ⑤ Expansion of knowledge ⑥ Summary and review. Then, with an outline, we can quickly create the presentation content.
  2. Many people cannot do a good presentation because the content is not good, but the format is too ordinary. We recommend that you use it to create content demonstrations.

It breaks away from the single linear presentation logic of PPT and is a non-linear presentation tool. At the same time, it adopts a new presentation method from the whole to the part, allowing you to express your ideas clearly and accurately, creating a three-dimensional mind map style presentation content, and controlling the overall situation anytime and anywhere. At the same time, it can also help the audience understand the content more quickly and follow the presenter’s thinking to discover and think. The above picture shows the demonstration content produced by using to draw demonstrations. There are two major highlights of drawing a demonstration, the first of which is the concept of infinite canvas. Through the built-in infinite canvas, it supports continuously adding sub themes downwards, breaking the boundaries of original content editing. You can understand this concept as the “God’s perspective”. When you look at it at the top level, it is the simplest and most important logical context. However, when you reach the second and third levels through dynamic effects such as rotation and scaling, you can see clearer and more detailed details of the context.
Drawing a presentation from main to secondary, from overall to detailed, can help you clearly and thoroughly present the logic of your content. The second highlight is the rich dynamic effects. I believe you will be curious whether such things require additional animation settings. Actually, it’s completely unnecessary! You just need to add corresponding themes and subtopics according to your own content logic, and the tool will automatically generate a scaling effect for you. Moreover, a magnifying glass function has been added now, which allows for various scaling and rotation effects by simply setting the position of the magnifying glass. Moreover, drawing demonstrations comes with rich template themes. If you don’t know how to create them, it’s okay. Just choose a suitable template and make simple modifications to the content.
Actually, making a PPT is a process of refining logical ideas. To make your presentation exciting and beautiful, the first step is to first define whether the presentation should be used for reading or speech. The final presentation of the two is very different; The second step is to organize and write your own content based on different purposes. You can consider using mind maps to connect your thoughts, making the entire logical structure complete or the story segments coherent; Step three, after clarifying the first two, you can start making the PPT. There are now many materials and learning paths available online for searching and viewing; My personal opinion is that the essence of PPT lies in layout, materials, and the application of text fonts, rather than just various animations from the beginning; You can see from the PPTs of major mobile phone manufacturers that excellent layout can give people a sense of luxury Learning how to make a PPT is always a process of learning and imitating. You must imitate it, otherwise when you do it independently later on, you will have no ideas or ideas for typesetting. Even if you have it, it is easy to not get started and don’t know how to achieve some effects

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