How to create a high-quality PPT?

How to make high-quality PPTs? Fotor lazily designed and thought for a while, and specially organized five techniques for making PPTs! Learn these tips to create a high-quality PPT so easy! 1. Reasonable use of layout. Generally, people appreciate the direction of PPT from left to right and from top to bottom. After understanding the reading order, you can intentionally design important content in a reasonable layout. In terms of the title page, you can use text size and convert font or color to distinguish. In terms of the main text page, you need to pay attention to the placement of the content. Reasonably placing images aside and text aside is the best choice.

This PPT blends the title and image on one side, while on the other side is a paragraph of text. It appears that the entire layout is unstructured and unordered. And this PPT completely separates the copy content from the images on the interface, presenting a good visual effect. It can make people understand the display content at a glance. 2. The three simplest and most effective ways to attract attention to PPT text content are to avoid using too many styles: bold, italics, and changing font color. These prominent things will naturally attract the attention of the audience. But please use these changes with caution, too many styles may make the ppt look cluttered and unable to concentrate the audience. This PPT text uses a uniform color and is similar in color to the background board, which does not highlight the key points. Appearing disorganized and disorganized. And this PPT highlights the key text with eye-catching colors, which can effectively attract people’s attention. 3. One important reason why a large amount of blank space becomes a low-quality PPT is to fill a PPT with too much content and ideas, which can make it difficult for people to know the information you want to express. Leaving a lot of blank space in a PowerPoint can help the audience focus on the key points you want to express. This PPT text places all the text on the interface, making it appear that the entire interface is packed with content, giving a sense of oppression. And this PPT summarizes the text content with small dots and leaves a lot of blank space throughout the interface, allowing the audience’s attention to focus on these key points. 4. Choose simple colors for PPT design, just choose simple dark and light colors. The bright background color not only causes eye fatigue for the audience, but also hinders the effective display of your content. Therefore, please use those colors with caution. Dark text paired with a light background, or light text paired with a dark background, is the best. Additionally, it is important to avoid using strong gradients to avoid making the text difficult to read. This PPT has a bright green background, but the text is in an inconspicuous light color. The entire content cannot be effectively displayed, which is really a waste. And this PPT has a simple white background and the text is matched with the most common colors, which looks simple yet elegant. 5. The most important thing to do a PPT with appropriate images is to choose the right ones. Some people choose a random image for presentation when making a PPT, which is absolutely unacceptable. The content of the image should correspond to the displayed content, ensuring that it can support and reference the PPT display content. The theme of this PPT is project presentation, and the result is accompanied by a picture of a plant, which looks very abrupt. And this PPT’s image selection of the city background image paired with the project introduction theme is very suitable. Having talked so much, if you want to design a high-quality PPT, why not try choosing a high-quality template for design? The template selection is good, and a beautiful PPT design is no problem, helping you save time and energy. Fotor Lazy Design has a massive selection of PowerPoint presentation templates for you to choose from! Next, let’s take a look together! 12. Year end summary and so on~Fotor Lazy Design has many high-quality PPT templates waiting for you to explore! Come and give it a try! Fotor Lazy Design has always hoped to provide simple and user-friendly design tools for novice users, making it easier for you to solve various problems in design. Fotor Lazy Design Portal: Fotor Lazy Design Online Design Artifact Free Design Material Template Graphic Design Drawing Software www.fotor. com. cn/See this now, don’t you like it before leaving ❤

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