How to create shared files on a computer (must be on the same network segment)

Do you know how to create shared files on a computer (which must be on the same network segment)?

Specific operations

  1. We need to have two computers first, one for sharing and the other for accessing sharing

First, let’s create a folder on the shared computer

  1. Open Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Computer Management – Local Users and Groups. After double clicking on the user, leave a blank space. Right click to create a new user and enter the username and password you want to create

(Make sure to check the option ‘Users cannot change passwords’ and’ Passwords never expire ‘)

  1. After creating it, we will open Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center – Change Advanced Sharing Settings

After entering, check the enable sharing option and click save to make changes

  1. Let’s go back to the shared folder, select the folder we just created, right-click on its properties, and click on Share

After entering, we will find the user we created, click on add, and select permissions based on your personal needs, whether to read or write

  1. After completion, let’s first check the IP address of the local computer, and then open and run the double slash+IP address of the shared computer on the computer where we want to access it

After confirmation, enter the username and password you just created to access

PS: How to view IP addresses. You can do this:
Left click on your network icon (usually located in the bottom right corner of the display screen), then click on “Network and Internet Settings”, find the left column “Ethernet”, and click on it. Next, click “Change Adapter Options” in the right column, and the network you have connected to will pop up. Find the network you are currently connected to, right-click on it, click “Status”, and then click “Details”. The IPv4 address is your current network IP address.

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