How to Personalize Windows 11 Start Menu Configuration

How to personalize the Windows 11 start menu? Right click on the Windows icon from the far left or middle position of the taskbar at the bottom of the computer desktop, select Settings from the pop-up menu, and then left click on Personalization on the left side. As shown in the following diagram.

Click on the Start button on the right in the above figure to start the configuration window as shown below. The first step is layout configuration. There are three types of layouts: first, more fixed item layouts; second, default layouts; and third, more suggested item layouts.

We can set it up separately and take a look. First, let’s see if the first layout is more fixed item layouts. This layout displays four rows of fixed items, and it is recommended to display one row of items.

Looking at the second layout again, the default layout. The default layout is to display three rows for both fixed and suggested items.

Let’s take a look at the third layout for more suggested items. This layout displays two rows for fixed items and four rows for suggested items.

I am still accustomed to setting the layout as the default layout. Then I will explain the meaning of each setting in the red box below.

The first to display recently added applications (Show recently added apps)

The second display shows the most commonly used apps

The third one shows recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer

The fourth recommendation for displaying tips, shortcuts, new apps, and more

Fifth Folder

The opening or closing of the first, second, and fourth options mainly affects the display of suggestion items in the start window. The opening or closing of the third option will not only affect the Start menu, but also the Jump List and File Explorer. The four options can be turned on or off according to personal preferences.

Let’s take a look at the fifth folder settings again. Configure the options in the folder as follows, except that Videos is turned off, all others are turned on.

We can see that at the bottom of the start window, except for the absence of a Video icon, all other items have corresponding icons displayed. And each can be clicked to open.

Let’s take a look at closing all items in the folder and starting the display of the window.

This is the starting window, where only the user and shutdown icons are displayed at the bottom

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