How to proficiently use Microsoft Word?

Proficient in using Word, it feels like there are three stages.

  1. Basic operations will be used. This stage is relatively simple. We can use Word to edit files and study and work normally, but we need to master some common skills, such as quickly adjusting font size, using shortcut keys, quickly drawing split lines, quickly adding dates, protecting documents, etc. These small skills are very helpful for us to work quickly. Here is a video tutorial case:
  2. Learn how to improve and beautify typesetting

The basic operation is fine, so we need you to consider overall layout beautification. We can improve it by combining graphics and text, adjusting paragraphs, and so on. For example, in the following example:

  1. Performing creative production

After mastering these skills, we can use Word to create creative files and even design, such as resumes, business cards, work cards, etc. Below, we will also show a video case:
The Word document generated from WPS has compatibility issues, please make appropriate backups I have encountered a situation where the entire document is discarded by pasting. While opening Word, I can also open a text editor, which can be Notepad++, Subtime, VS Code, etc., to facilitate the removal of text formatting These text editors often make it very convenient to use regular expressions, which can provide assistance when modifying text. Having a concept of the title level, it is important to use the style and set the corresponding style according to the title level Especially when writing long documents Reasonably setting the title style is also a prerequisite for automatically generating a table of contents. Proper use of VBA tables is important and headache inducing, especially when you bring over someone else’s prepared “template” to fill in the content. I don’t have a good way to layout the table format

You can go to self-study websites or Baidu to search for tutorials. There are many, some are specifically designed for exams, and there are also comprehensive tutorials, many, many, many

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