How to set up a folder sharing guide on Windows 11 computers: Easy sharing and efficient collaboration

In this era of information explosion, our data and files need to be more flexible and accessible than ever before. Whether it’s sharing precious home videos with family at home, editing project files with colleagues in the office, or sharing and transferring files between a computer, iPhone, Android, tablet, or TV at home.

A simple and efficient sharing system is essential. Windows 11, as the latest operating system, provides more convenient and secure file sharing options, making your collaboration and life easier. Below is a detailed introduction to how to set up shared folders on Windows 11, making you a skilled team collaborator!

Step 1: Select the folder you want to share

On your computer, find the folder filled with the treasure you want to share. Right click and select “Properties”.

Select the folder to share
Step 2: Set up advanced sharing

Click the “Advanced Sharing” button to open the advanced sharing settings. This step is like you’re telling everyone, “Look, this is the treasure I want to share with you!”

Windows 11 Advanced Sharing Settings
In advanced sharing, check “Share this folder” and you can keep the default sharing name or customize a more interesting name to make it sound more friendly and easy to remember. Next, click on “Permissions” to set access permissions. You can choose “Read”, “Change”, or “Full Control” as needed. It’s like setting who can only appreciate your treasure and who can take care of it with you.

Windows 11 permissions
Click the “Add” button on the “Group or User” interface,

Windows 11 Add User
Enter your computer username and click the “OK” button. Please note that the user password here must not be empty~

Select the username “Boss Software” that you just added, and under “Permissions for Boss Software”, check “Allow” for “Full Control, Change, and Read/Write”. You can check here according to your actual needs. After setting up, click the “Apply” button.

Step 3: Tell others how to access your shared folder

After setting up, don’t forget to tell your family or colleagues how to access this shared folder. Still open the sharing tab, at this point, copy the network path and send it to your friends or colleagues. They just need to enter your computer name or shared folder name in the address bar of File Explorer to easily access it. This step is like sending an invitation letter, telling everyone the address of the party.

Setting up a Windows 11 shared folder is that simple! With these simple steps, you can easily share files and data with others, whether they are family members or office colleagues. In this era where collaboration is paramount, let us make good use of every technology to make collaboration and life better. Start setting up now and embark on your sharing journey!


When setting access permissions, make sure to carefully consider who needs what kind of permissions. Not everyone needs “complete control” permissions, and appropriate restrictions can ensure the security of files.

Consider using password protection for sharing, especially when sharing files on public networks. This can be configured in the “All Networks” settings of the “Network and Sharing Center”.

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