How to set up Windows Defender better in Win10

When many users encounter lagging situations on Windows 10, their first reaction is to end some irrelevant processes. In fact, in addition to the processes we open ourselves, some software on the Windows 10 system itself is also running continuously. For example, the antivirus software Windows Defender, which comes with the Windows 10 system, automatically performs scheduled scans every day by default. However, if you happen to be working hard on your computer and the scanning takes up too much resources, causing it to lag, the gains outweigh the losses. So we can make reasonable settings for Windows Defender based on our actual situation. Below, the editor will share some tips for setting up Windows Defender plan scans.

To set up Windows Defender, the specific steps are as follows:

  1. Win+R shortcut key brings up the “Run” dialog box, enter “gpedit. msc”, enter or click OK.
  2. After opening the Local Group Policy Editor, go to “Computer Configuration – Management Templates – Windows Components – Windows Defender Antivirus Program – Scan” in the left navigation pane. 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list on the settings page on the right to see a series of options related to Windows Defender scheduled scans. Then we can choose according to our own situation.

In response to the situation mentioned at the beginning of the article, the editor suggests selecting “Start scheduled scanning only when the computer is turned on but not in use”. Enabling this configuration item allows your computer to run Windows Defender scheduled scans only when it is idle, so it can prevent scanning while you are working from affecting system performance. After entering the options, click “enabled”, and then press “application” below to confirm and complete the task.

Reasonable settings for Windows Defender can prevent us from getting stuck while working hard on the computer, as Windows Defender happens to be scanning at the same time.

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