How to solve the problem of Windows 10 built-in applications (including Windows Store) crashing on their own?

Encountering such problems, after updating the system, my system Win10 1909 also encountered such problems. The Windows 10 store did not respond when clicked, but other applications that have already been installed in the Windows store can still be used. There are several solutions to check system integrity and attempt to fix it. -148c-4ee1-b469-c03e32c78a0a answers. microsoft. com/zh ans/windows/forum/all/% E5% 85% B3% E4% BA% 8E% E6% 98% BE% E7% A4% BA% E6% 82% AC/c47f2a8b-148c-4ee1-b469-c03e32c78a0a Simply put, 1) Press Start to find “cmd” and right-click “cmd”
Administrator Run:
Dism/online/clean up Image/scanhealth
Dism/online/clean up Image/checkhealth
Dism/online/clean up image/restorehealth
SFC/Scannow may take longer, be patient. (However, it’s not very useful to me, but it fixed some system issues and didn’t solve the Windows Store problem) Solution 2: Windows 10 Find Settings ->Troubleshooting ->Windows Store Applications ->Run Troubleshooting to try fixing it yourself. It’s not of much use to me here either. Option 3: Use Powershell to reinstall the Windows Store app. There are specific operations here. Win10 App Store App Hanging or Crashing Answers. microsoft. com/zh hans/windows/forum/all/win10% E5% BA% 94% E7% 94% A8% E5% 95% 86% E5% BA% 97% E5% BA% 94/849fe84b-ebaa-4aa1-a6d3-668493f6b729? After reinstalling the store with auth=1, it is not very useful. I have no effect here. Option 4: Keyboard Windows button+r, enter wsresetexe and press enter. This is the function of resetting the Windows store. We need to wait for a while. But it’s also useless for me here. May I need to restart? Option 5 (personal attempt successful): Reinstall Windows 10 Store. The installation steps are as follows: Install Windows 10 AppStore and reinstall the App Store. The tutorial on www.cnblogs. com/shexunyu/p/11113170 has been overlooked. After reinstalling, it still doesn’t work. The following operations are required: 1. Enter [Windows powershell] in the Cortana search box;

  1. Right click on Windows Powershell and select Run as Administrator
  2. Enter the following command in the Windows powershell box:
    Taskkill/f/im explorerexe Press Enter

Get AppxPackage – all * Microsoft Windows Store * |% {Add AppxPackage – register – disableDevelopmentmode ($_. installlocation+”\ appxmanifest. ml”)}, press Enter

Start explorer, press enter

  1. Restart the computer (this step can be omitted, I succeeded without restarting the computer. Because we restarted Explorer, or you can try restarting it)
  2. Open the app store again and see the results. Finally, the Windows 10 store is ready to use. The reason is that I need to install an iTunes app. I’m really impressed– By the way, the update for Windows 10 doesn’t feel like it’s being updated for stability. It’s about constantly adding features. We can’t be as solid as a rock anymore, but for most people, just updating security patches is enough. But most people’s version of Windows 10 is not Windows 10 for business. It sounds ironic, and it’s also related to money. I hope these can be useful to others.

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