How to use email merging in Word? Just read this article!

In our daily work, we often have to batch produce files with the same main content but only some data changes, such as transcripts, invitations, business cards, etc. If we produce them one by one, it will waste a lot of time. At this point, we can utilize Word’s email merge function, which can help us quickly generate files in bulk. Let’s take creating an invitation letter as an example to introduce the specific usage of email merging:

Step 1: Enter personnel list information in an Excel spreadsheet, then save and close this Excel file.

Step 2: Open the prepared Word invitation template.

Step 3: Click the “Select Recipient” dropdown button in the “Start Mail Merge” function group of the “Mail” tab, select “Use Existing List” from the dropdown list, and the “Select Data Source” dialog box will pop up. Then, select the “Personnel List” Excel worksheet from the previous one and click “Open”,.

Step 4: Place the cursor at the location where information needs to be inserted in the Word document, click the “Insert Merge Field” dropdown button in the “Write and Insert Field” function group of the “Mail” tab, select the corresponding information from the dropdown list, in this case, select “Name”, click the “Insert” button, and then close the “Insert Merge Field” dialog box. At this time, the inserted field mark will appear at the corresponding position in the document.

Step 5: In the “Write and Insert Domain” group on the “Mail” tab, click the “If… Then… Otherwise…” command in the “Rules” drop-down list to open the “Insert Domain” dialog box. Select “Gender” in the “Domain Name” dropdown list box, select “Equal” in the “Comparison Criteria” dropdown list box, enter “Male” in the “Comparison Object” text box, enter “Sir” in the “Insert This Text” text box, enter “Madam” in the “Insert This Text Otherwise” text box, and then click the “OK” button.

Step 6: Click the “Complete and Merge” dropdown button in the “Complete” function group of the “Email” tab, click “Edit Single Document…” in the dropdown list, and a “Merge to New Document” dialog box will pop up. Select “All” and click “OK”. At this point, a new document named “Letter 1. docx” will be merged into a new window, which contains invitation information for all personnel.

The above is the usage of Word email merging that we will introduce to you today. Isn’t it very simple? Let’s quickly do it yourself!

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