How to use speech recognition in Windows

In Windows 11 22H2 and higher versions, Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) will be replaced by voice access starting from September 2024. The old version of Windows will continue to provide WSR. To learn more about voice access, go to Using voice access to control your computer and create text using voice.

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Set up microphone
Before setting up speech recognition, please ensure that the microphone is set up.

Select “(Start)>Settings>Time and Language>Voice”.

Under “Microphone”, select the “Get Started” button. Voice Settings Menu in Windows 11

The Voice Wizard window will open and the installation program will automatically start. If the wizard detects a problem with the microphone, it will list these issues in the wizard dialog box. You can choose the options in the dialog box to specify the problem and help the wizard solve it.

Help the computer recognize your voice
You can guide Windows 11 to recognize your voice. The setting method is as follows:

Press the Windows logo key+Ctrl+S. The “Set up Speech Recognition” wizard window will open, and an introduction will be provided on the “Welcome to Speech Recognition” page.

Tip: If voice recognition is set up, press the Windows logo key+Ctrl+S to turn on voice recognition and use it. If you want to retrain your computer to recognize sound, press the Windows logo key, type “Control Panel”, and then select “Control Panel” from the results list. Select “Easy to use”>”Speech recognition”>”Train the computer to improve its understanding ability” in the “Control Panel”.

Select Next. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up voice recognition. The wizard will guide you through the setup steps.

After setting up, you can choose to study tutorials to learn more about speech recognition. To learn this tutorial, please select “Start Tutorial” in the wizard window. To skip this tutorial, select “Skip Tutorial”. You can now start using speech recognition.

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