Is the Win10 start menu too difficult to use? In just 5 steps, highly customized to your love

When using the Windows system, as one of the most frequently accessed features in daily life, I believe I will use the Start menu every time, especially when shutting down.

Over time, the start menu has also gradually changed. The transition from the Windows 7 system that stopped updating to the Windows 10 system currently in use is simply too significant. Now the start menu of Win10 is more like a fusion of Win8 system dynamic tiles and classic start menu, with an indescribable feeling every time it is opened.

As a matter of fact, users roast long ago that the start menu of Win10 system is “difficult to use”, which is not as simple and clear as Win7. Finding a setting is like walking a maze, and the function is not even in the corresponding menu. It completely requires Baidu search to know the location.

And the UI of the start menu is really ugly, the design of the large color blocks looks completely different from the background, and every time you open the start menu, there is always a strong sense of discomfort.

In fact, if you want the Win10 system to have a better experience in terms of functionality and personalization, it fully supports custom settings and can highly customize the start menu according to your own needs.

Basic Settings

  1. Open the Windows settings interface and start personalized settings.
  2. Switch the mouse to Start and open “Use Full Screen Start Screen”.

At this point, the start menu will fill the entire screen and you can directly experience the feeling of Windows 8.1.

When you open all the settings in the start menu at the same time, you will see that Win10 will prioritize the recently added programs and the most commonly used applications.

If you search for Chrome or Firefox, the Win10 system will recommend Edge browser, which is actually just an advertising feature.

Of course, you can also choose the folder that needs to be displayed on the start menu by yourself.

Change the size of the start menu interface
If you feel that the interface in the start menu of the Win10 system is too large, you can actually adjust it yourself. I don’t know if you have noticed this.

Place the mouse directly in the upper right corner of the start menu, and when an adjustment symbol appears, use the mouse to pull it.

Change Start Menu Color
Perhaps you didn’t know that the start menu could actually change colors.

Open the personalized interface and select a custom color under Colors.

Now is the start menu interface after changing the color.

Set the number of tiles in the start menu
The default number of tiles in the start menu is 3, and users can add them.

Open the personalized interface directly and turn on the display of more tiles switch.

At this point, the start menu can add more tiles, but the maximum number is only 4.

Adjusting the size of tile icons
If you think the tile icon is too large, you can also make the icon smaller.

Right click on the tile to start resizing.

The icon size of the tile can be adjusted by oneself~

Do you think it’s particularly interesting?

If you also want to customize the start menu, you can install a Windows 10 system yourself.

  1. Exit all antivirus tools and proceed to the first step of reinstallation.
  2. Just choose the appropriate Win10 file to download~

Of course, there are many interesting settings in the start menu, and you can also hide the start menu and so on. If you are interested, you can learn about it yourself~

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