Multi tasking artifact: Overview of “Snap Assist” feature in Windows 11

Combine application groups and windows together using Snap Layouts, and easily maximize and minimize the entire application and window using Snap Groups in Windows 11.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11- now available as a beta download and soon to be compatible with computers this fall – will feature many new features, such as a new design, support for Android applications, and improvements for Microsoft’s team. In addition to features aimed at simplifying the Windows experience, the new operating system also brings some features that can help you handle multiple tasks, whether you are using your device for work, personal purposes, or a combination of both.

Here are two useful features we believe you will find both inside and outside of a mixed workplace.

Multiple virtual desktops on Windows 11

You no longer need a separate monitor to expand your digital workspace. Multiple desktops on Windows 11 eliminate the hassle of clicking to minimize windows and tabs. On the contrary, you can create a separate virtual desktop. Therefore, if you are willing, you can create separate desktops for work, school, personal use, etc. – and customize the background for each desktop.

This feature is similar to the MacOS virtual desktop feature. If you scroll through the task view on the taskbar or click WIN+Tab, you will see all existing desktops that you can switch to, or you can create a new desktop.

Capture Layout

Snap Layouts – another new feature of Windows 11- allows you to better organize applications and windows by combining them together. This is a bit like how to group applications on Android and iPhone, or use split screen.

Assuming you are researching travel and have opened a set of applications or websites related to the search. Using Snap Layouts, you can hover the mouse over the maximize button on the window, select your preferred layout, and then click on an area within that layout to align the window in place. This way, you can organize all this information well on the screen (for example, you may want to combine four open windows together in a square pattern).

Then, you can easily minimize or maximize the entire snapshot group at once from the taskbar without searching and opening multiple windows. If you connect or disconnect the computer, any Snap groups you create will remain in place.

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