Share 3 ways to solve the problem of a computer being unable to access the internet due to incorrect IP addresses!

“The Win10 computer has been having an incorrect IP address and is unable to access the internet. I have tried many online methods, such as automatically configuring IP addresses, manually setting IP addresses, and enabling certain settings in Ethernet. However, after trying many times, I still cannot solve the problem and still cannot connect to the internet. Originally, I was able to connect when I was at home, but after a winter vacation, I came back and cannot use it. I am seeking help from the experts to solve this problem. Thank you!”
“The computer is Win7. I used it for a while now, but it inexplicably couldn’t access the internet. The computer manager diagnosed it with an incorrect IP address and the network couldn’t be connected. Seeing this situation, I went to the local connection properties and found TCP/iPV4, which can automatically obtain the IP address and DNS, but still can’t connect to the network. I checked the network again with cmd and it still doesn’t work. It’s troublesome that I can’t access the network now, please help!”
The computer keeps having an incorrect IP address and cannot access the internet
How to solve the problem of a computer being unable to access the internet due to incorrect IP addresses?
The above are the problems that forum users encounter in their daily lives. How to solve the problem of the computer constantly having an incorrect IP address and unable to access the internet? You can try the methods provided in this article first. If not, you will need to reinstall the system, but this will lose data on the computer. Therefore, you can backup important data before reinstalling to avoid loss. Please continue reading for detailed operating steps:

Method 1. Confirm whether to disable local connections
You need to first determine if the local network connection is disabled. If it is found to be disabled, then enable it.

Enabling method: Click on the network icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop, click “Open Network and Internet”, and then click “Change adapter settings” to check if there are any disabled networks. If so, please enable them.

Enable network
Method 2. Reset the network through CMD
If the above method still cannot obtain the IP address, please reset the network:

  1. Press “Win+R” to open “Run”, enter “cmd” and press “Enter”.
  2. Then enter “netsh winsock reset” at the command prompt and press “enter”. (Note that there is a space in the middle. If prompted for administrator privileges, you can enter “CMD” in the search box in the bottom left corner of the desktop, then right-click on “cmd. exe” in the results and select “Open as administrator”.).


  1. Wait for the computer to complete and restart to see if the problem is resolved.

Method 3. Reinstall the system
If the problem of inability to access the internet without a valid IP configuration cannot be solved after using the above methods, there is no other way besides reinstalling the system. However, do not forget to back up important files on your computer before reinstalling to avoid losing them.

The above is a solution to the problem of the computer constantly having an incorrect IP address and unable to access the internet. If the above methods are ineffective or cannot be used, you can also try replacing the hardware, such as the network cable or network card, or call the network operator to assist you in solving the problem. Sometimes it is very likely that there is a problem with the network terminal, causing the network in the community or a certain area to crash, so you can also inquire about the network status of people around you.

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