Share 8 tips for using Win10, hoping to help you improve the efficiency of using Win10.

  1. Quick Find Files

In work, what should you do if your leader asks you to quickly find a file? Just press the shortcut key “Win+E” to quickly open the file manager. Click on the search box and enter the file name to quickly find it.

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  1. Computer privacy protection

When we work in the company, it is inevitable that there is a need to leave the workstation. If you happen to be chatting with someone but are afraid of the computer screen being peeked at, you can hold down the shortcut key “Win+L” at the same time to quickly lock the screen.

  1. Capture individual parts of the screen

Are you still using WeChat and QQ for third-party screenshots? The built-in screenshot tool for Windows allows for screen capture without the need for download and installation. It can also capture individual content on the screen. Simply press “Win+R” to open and run it, and enter “Snipping Tool” to open the screenshot tool.

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  1. Quickly view computer history

When we want to check the history of yesterday’s computer usage, we just need to press the shortcut key “Win+Tab” to open the program switch, and swipe down to view the recent history.

  1. One click recovery of web pages

When we are browsing a webpage, if we want to close one of the missing pages due to shaking hands, all the materials we have found will be gone all at once. We can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+T” to restore the lost webpage with one click!

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  1. Batch numbering of images

Every time we go out and come back, our phone stores a large number of photos, which are sent to the computer for modification. However, due to the large number of images, it is easy to confuse them. We only need to batch number the images.

First, select the image, right-click “rename”, change one of the file numbers, and press enter to automatically arrange it.

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  1. Quick adjustment of virtual keyboard

The function of a virtual keyboard is that you can directly click on the keyboard on the screen with the mouse for text input, without manually using the keyboard. The activation method is also very simple. First, use the shortcut key “Win+R” to open and run, and enter “osk”.

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  1. Close current webpage browsing

When we finish browsing web pages, we always click the “x” sign on the page with the mouse to close it. If we don’t want to close it with the mouse, we can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+W” to quickly close it

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