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When it comes to sticky notes, people may think of the paper ones we buy in stationery stores. From the college entrance examination to the workplace, sticky notes have to be said to be a good thing.

It can help us achieve the purpose of fragmentation or temporary recording of emergency information, just write, tear, and paste it.

Pretend to have convenient stickers with words
But paper sticky notes themselves also have some shortcomings: they are not easy to store.

Coincidentally, both the software on the market and the system’s built-in sticky notes can perfectly solve this problem. At the same time, I have also compiled some tips for sharing the sticky note function.

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  1. What is a desktop note?
    I have previously written some desktop sticky note software for everyone, including Xiaohuangtiao, which is a software that supports synchronization between mobile phones and computers.

However, considering the needs of office work, it is rare for people to synchronize notes between their mobile and computer devices. Therefore, let’s simplify it and focus only on the tools with PC functionality.

The term “sticky notes” is not used in different versions. On Win7 computers, we can quickly find this feature by searching for “sticky notes” in the menu bar.

So in Win10, if you search for sticky notes in the menu, you won’t be able to find them because it has quietly changed its name to “Sticky Notes”.

There are three ways to find Sticky Notes:

① Menu bar search

You can choose to open the menu and find the folder starting with S. You can find Sticky Notes at the beginning and open it directly.

② Microsoft Xiaona Search

Enter Microsoft Xiaona and search for S directly to find it.

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③ Win+W

Trigger the Windows lnk workspace, find the note, and click on it.

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④ Fixed at the bottom of the menu bar

When we find the note in Win10, it is recommended to fix it in the bottom menu bar, so that we can quickly find it when needed.

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Next, we will introduce Sticky Notes, which is mainly divided into two parts. The first part will introduce its basic note taking function, and the second part will combine some common work scenarios to introduce the function, both of which are summaries of personal usage habits.

  1. Basic note taking function
    The first part first lists and introduces the basic note taking functions of Sticky Notes, including material insertion, text editing, commonly used shortcut keys, and so on.

① Text editing

With the updates of the system, the text editing function of Sticky Notes has gradually diversified, from only supporting default forms to now supporting various forms of changes, such as bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and bullet.

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② Create a new note

After completing a casual note taking, if you want to create a new note, you can click on the “+” in the upper left corner to create a new sticky note.

③ Insert Image

In addition to text input, sticky notes also support the insertion of static images. Click the image button at the far right of the editing bar to insert the image. The image is located at the top of the sticky note and previews side by side.

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If you want to view a large image, you can double-click on it to achieve a scrolling effect.

④ Adjusting colors

We can color the sticky notes differently based on their information, making the sub information sections clearer. Click on the “···” button in the upper right corner to change the color.

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⑤ Search Notes

Over time, there will be a lot of notes. If there is no keyword search function, I will not recommend this sticky note to everyone. The search is still very simple. Click on the “…” in the upper right corner, select the note list, and we will find all the notes we originally fragmented.

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We can directly enter keywords in the top search bar to find relevant notes, so we don’t have to worry about having too many notes and not being able to find them.

⑥ Shortcut keys

As a convenience note tool, Sticky Notes also conforms to people’s keyboard habits in many operations, with corresponding shortcut keys for text editing and tool operations.

Mastering a few commonly used skills will greatly improve efficiency

  1. Advanced note taking function

In the previous section, we introduced the basic functions of Sticky Notes. Next, we will share some practical features, which will be combined with some cool introductions and practical scenarios.

① Night mode

Night mode is a feature that many software apps currently add, and as a late night overtime group, we particularly like it. In Sticky Notes settings, we can adjust the interface to night mode.

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To be honest, when it was first set up, it was really handsome to me

The color we set for the labels in default mode has been changed to the top color bar annotation in night mode, which is obviously much more advanced.

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② Note synchronization

If we want to synchronize notes between two computers at home and in the office, it’s actually quite simple. As long as the Windows accounts logged in on both computers are consistent, click on synchronize.

③ Win+W Do Not Disturb Mode

When sticky notes are placed on the desktop, they are not automatically placed at the top layer, making it impossible to achieve the function of taking screenshots like Snipaste. Simply clicking on other windows will hide the sticky notes.

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How can we enter the Windows lnk workspace and select Notes when we want to process sticky note information in a high-intensity centralized manner.

We will find that all windows except for sticky notes are hidden under a black transparent mask, and then we can focus on processing the labels.

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④ Information repository

When working every day, we often collect information online and receive information from others at the same time. Various miscellaneous information may come and sometimes we forget it. At this time, we can use Sticky Notes to temporarily store the information we receive on the desktop, which is also a good use.

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⑤ New Desktop

In addition to the Do Not Disturb mode, we can even create a new desktop for it to ensure that the label recording and processing interface is distinguished from other software windows, which is also beneficial for us to better record and organize.

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  1. Write at the end
    At the end of the article, make a summary.

This is a relatively short article on the use of Windows small tools. There are actually many desktop sticky note software on the market, each with its own advantages. You can choose your own habits.

If it’s just a simple note taking, Win10’s built-in Sticky Notes can already meet daily needs, so there’s no need to rely on other tools.

For me, the standard of a good tool is always: what suits oneself is good enough.

Sharing completed, hope it helps~

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