Supported by GPT-4, Office has been upgraded collectively, and Microsoft has thrown Rocket at Google

On Tuesday, almost everyone’s attention was focused on OpenAI’s GPT-4, so much so that many people didn’t even know that on the same day, Google actually announced a series of heavyweight updates about integrating AI functionality into its own product line:

All workspace office components under the company, including Gmail, Google Doc, Sheets, Slides, etc., will be launched with generative AI functionality. At the same time, their own large language model PaLM API will also be opened.

If it weren’t for GPT-4, Google’s news would have dominated the headlines of major news websites. However, Microsoft did not give a chance to breathe at all – the predecessor OpenAI had just released GPT-4. Today, Microsoft held a new conference without stopping, offering the “Rocket” of Microsoft Office’s comprehensive AI upgrade.

It has to be said that technology companies that have been dividing boundaries for many years have not fought so fiercely in a long time. Microsoft Killer: GPT-4 Support, Office Family Bucket Collective AI Upgrade
Early this morning, Microsoft held a press conference with the theme of “The future of working with AI”, and unveiled Rocket – Microsoft 365 services fully access AI functions.

You may not be a user of Google Office Suite, but there should be no one who has not used Microsoft’s Office Family Bucket. Since everyone’s student days, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more have been essential tools in people’s daily lives. And this time, Microsoft has added a new AI Copilot feature to them all.

Perhaps you still remember the Office paperclip assistant back then? Today, this Copilot can be simply understood as its AI ultimate evolution version. With the Copilot feature, you will be able to quickly launch it across all applications in Office to assist you with creation, editing, and analysis.

For example, in a document, you can simply describe a requirement to Copilot and then select the type of file to generate, which can be notes or a Word document. It can automatically organize the files you need in a few seconds based on your requirements, greatly saving you the process of conceptualizing and writing from scratch. In the PPT, you only need to enter a few keywords, state how many pages of slides you want, what topic you want, and what the purpose is for. Copilot can immediately help you create a complete presentation file that is suitable for the scene, including images and audio.

Moving Picture Cover
AI in the PPT, images from Microsoft
In Excel, you only need to import the raw data and have an AI assistant help you analyze the characteristics of this dataset in a few sentences, automatically generating analysis charts. On this basis, you can also edit data using text commands without having to search for formulas and functions.

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