The 5 Best Applications for Improving Work Efficiency in Windows 11 Tips

The Windows operating system can be said to be the most popular desktop operating system in the world. Even in the face of fierce competition from macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux, Microsoft’s operating system still stands firm. From businesses to PC games, from professionals to casual users, Windows still holds the majority of the market share.

It can be said that this is due to the openness or ease of use of the operating system. Anyway, Windows 11 is a powerful and powerful desktop operating system. But that doesn’t mean everything is roses. Like any other operating system, Windows 11 also has many drawbacks. Sometimes these things can become annoying. However, we can at least fix some of these issues and improve our work efficiency on Windows 11.

Try these applications to make your work and life easier.

1、 Wox is similar to macOS’s Alfred

Alfred on macOS is a game changer for many people, but unfortunately, Alfred is not suitable for Windows 10. Enter Wox, Alfred for Windows, an application that is expected to replace Windows search. Wox is a fully functional launcher that can help you access programs, files, and perform operations with just a few clicks. When pressing Alt+Space simultaneously, Wox will appear. It can help you search for applications and files without leaving the keyboard, and provide recommendations based on your usage.

You can even search the internet by adding prefixes to search keywords. Assuming that if you want to search for certain content on Google, you only need to enter “g” as the prefix and then enter your search term. You can even add your own network search in the settings to speed up access. Wox even has many custom options to choose from, such as color, font, size, etc. If you are willing, you can even use a theme builder to create your own theme. Wox can be used for free, and you can also download the source code from GitHub.

2、 CoScreen 2.0 becomes a better alternative to Zoom and other tools

CoScreen is a deep collaboration tool suitable for almost everyone working with a team. It enables you and your team to share applications, interact with them, and edit simultaneously. It is super fast and easy to use, with an easy-to-use interface. You and your teammates can easily control any shared application simultaneously.

It even has privacy features, such as preventing you from accidentally sharing the entire screen. On the contrary, it allows you to control and select the desktop application window to share with teammates by clicking. You can even communicate with each other through high-quality audio and video chat. The reason why CoScreen is a better alternative to Zoom and other tools is that it has minimal latency, privacy controls, and multi-user support, which can help you easily collaborate with your teammates on Windows 10 and macOS.

CoScreen is free for small teams, but it only allows you to collaborate with 2-10 collaborators for up to 30 minutes per session. It even has a Pro version, which is currently free at the time of writing this article and has no time limit. If you are a student and eligible to receive the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you can receive CoScreen Pro for free.

3、 Cold Turkey website interceptor

Cold Turkey is an application that helps you block distracting websites and applications, allowing you to focus and improve work efficiency. Unlike other website interceptors, Cold Turkey is almost impossible to cheat once blocked. For quick setup, the application will provide you with a default website interference list. You can import these existing lists and create your own custom block list using an unlimited number of websites.

If you want to take a break, you can use the Pause for a Cause feature, which allows you to donate 10 minutes of rest time to the World Wildlife Fund. If not, the application will ask you to enter random characters, restart the computer, or set a password to unblock. In addition, you can even block applications, games, folders, and even applications based on the title and file.

If you prefer automation, this application allows you to schedule blocks, which you can set once and then have the application execute blocks for you based on time and date. You can even access statistics to track your popular websites and applications. This application is free and has all the basic blocking functions you need, but there is also a Pro version with some additional features, which costs $40 at once.

4、 AquaSnap Window Manager

Windows 11 has good window capture. But it still lacks some features that can make it a good productivity function. This is where AquaSnap comes in handy.

AquaSnap is a tiled window manager that improves the way you organize applications when handling multitasking. AquaSnap has a simple gesture that helps you drag and drop windows to the sides or corners of the screen, and they automatically adjust size to fit half or a quarter of the screen.

There are many functions, for example, if you hold down the Ctrl key while adjusting the size of one window, it will also adjust the size of another window. It also allows you to easily align windows, making them stick to other windows like magnets, preventing you from getting restless and obtaining the best screen space. It even has a window stretching function, which allows double clicking on the edge of the window to maximize it in one direction.

You can even keep the window at the top, which allows you to shake the window you want to keep at the top by making it transparent when working with full screen applications. It even has multiple mouse and keyboard shortcuts for you to explore and make Windows 11 work for you.

AquaSnap is applicable to all versions of Windows from 7 to 11. It is a free application for personal use, and there is also a professional version with a single computer license price of $18 and a full site license price of $599. You can download the application from the official website of Steam or AquaSnap.

5、 PDF element

PDF element is one of the simplest yet most advanced PDF readers in Windows 11. It is almost on par with Adobe’s acrobatic readers in all aspects. It is fast, smooth, and feature rich. Built in conductors for faster and simpler file conversion to other formats.

It has an OCR function that allows you to edit and extract text images with just one click. It enables you to convert scanned PDFs and image-based PDFs into various formats with editable, optional, and searchable content. You can easily comment, comment, and sign PDFs.

You can even use passwords to protect your PDF from application attacks and apply digital signatures to verify documents. This is a bit expensive, priced at $80, but it’s definitely worth the price. Before purchasing the application, you can also try a free trial. If you are a student or teacher, you can obtain discounts by verifying on the application’s website.

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