The best Win desktop calendar to date (surprisingly few people know about it for free)

Desktop calendar is truly a tool for improving efficiency!!

Stick the calendar onto the desktop wallpaper, like a note stuck on the wall or a photo placed under the glass of a 90s desk, just look up and see it.

The things under the glass panel of a desk in the 1990s can always be seen when looking up
Because I use Mac for work and Win at home, I have also written about Mac desktop calendars, so I will only talk about Win here.

To elaborate, my requirements for desktop calendars are very simple:

Calendar as desktop background, not mixed with other windows
Convenient addition and subtraction of schedules
Don’t be too ugly
I also searched for a long time, and finally saw a practical (and not so ugly) Win desktop plugin – interactive calendar

As you can see, it won’t conflict with the desktop or icons, and you can adjust your schedule at any time, emphasizing a gentle and undisturbed style.

Moving Picture Cover
Interactive Calendar
Csoftlab. com/calendar

Although the UI still retains the flavor of the 2010s, due to its highly customized design, it can also be adjusted to a lower presence and can be adjusted:

Infinite adjustment of calendar position and shape on the desktop
Calendar font
Calendar style, background color, shadows (thanks to your combination skills…)

Calendar shape and placement can be customized
Moving Picture Cover
Set background color, borders, and shadows
In the to-do list, double-click on the current day grid to edit the schedule. If it is to be used as a to-do list, it is not bad, but it cannot be completed by the deadline. It will only stay on the specified date and will not follow the delayed date.

Moving Picture Cover
I can cross it off after finishing, and I feel a great sense of achievement.

Moving Picture Cover
This type of calendar is suitable for projects with clear time nodes, where it is clear when and what to submit.

You can also perform goal management. For example, if I have 200 pages to translate and a deadline of 3 months, how many pages should I flip per week, set a to-do list on weekends, and complete them on time each week. In short, practical!

A useful Mac desktop calendar, please take a look here.

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