What are some good looking PPT catalogs?

When it comes to flat directories, the one I helped the client with last time would definitely work

This page of the table of contents iterated through six versions and produced 13 cases, and the client ultimately chose one of them.

First, let me talk about the overall style of this PPT. The single page modifications should also be consistent with the overall style, otherwise it will be abrupt.

This is an academic defense, with a focus on academic style, overall refreshing, and a light colored background as the main requirement.

The entire main color is blue. Next, let’s take a look at the modifications.

First edition:

In the first version, I found some ICONs and changed the numbers to icons, which can enhance the design of the page. If it feels a bit crowded in a row, we can stagger it up and down. We can also add some particles at the bottom to enhance the design feel. Second edition:

In this version, we added a color block and placed the content inside the color block container. Next, we can perform a 3D rotation on this basis to enhance its sense of space. If you don’t need 3D rotation, we can also add a color block at the bottom to increase the sense of hierarchy. Next, let’s take a look at the third version

Third edition:

In the third edition, we used some images because this paper is related to the governance of the Yangtze River in Nanjing, so we added images of the Yangtze River.

This is a full image, with natural transitions and half images. Let’s look for the image on the right and see if there is any PNG material that can be removed from the background so that it can be used as an illustration. Fourth edition:

Next, let’s try split screen layout, which divides the entire PPT layout into top, bottom, or left and right.

For example, dividing the upper and lower layouts. We can also change the shape to a semi-circular surround structure, such as the PPT shown in the following picture. Is it also good in the fifth edition

In ascending typesetting, we can use the curve tool to draw a curved color block, and then use the group of upward lines to obtain a page like PPT as shown in the figure below. Sixth edition:

Since we have used curve tools, we are thinking about whether we can use curves to draw a graph of the Yangtze River.

And then the entire content of the text is arranged around the Yangtze River?

After having this idea, go ahead and design it immediately. Isn’t it pretty good.

The above is the main content for today. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Finally, everyone can guess which one the customer has chosen?

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