What are the details of Windows 10 Mobile that few people notice but are very useful?

  1. Timed login password activation: If you have set a lock screen password, you will need to re-enter it to enter the homepage after other systems have turned off the screen (unless you have a fast hand speed and immediately reopen after turning off the screen, you don’t need to re-enter it). In W10M, you can set how long it takes to lock the screen before opening again, and you need to enter the unlock password. For example, if you set it to 15 minutes, you will only need to enter the unlock password to open it after 15 minutes of screen shutdown. For me, the obsessive-compulsive disorder of wanting to turn off the screen and save power while waiting for news is simply a blessing, and I no longer have to worry about entering passwords
  2. The App Garden can be considered as the visitor mode of the W10m version. FlymeMUUI has similar functions, but this feature is too hidden in W10m The function is to limit which apps on your phone visitors can use.
  3. When using public WiFi in many coffee shops, it is necessary to switch applications and open the browser to “register” or “log in”, and then keep the browser in the background before it can be used. In the WiFi settings interface of W10m, when you link to this type of public WiFi, a browser like window will pop up for direct operation, without switching applications like Android and keeping the browser background, which I think is quite convenient. Released on March 24, 2016 at 18:00, 8 out of 18 comments were approved, shared, and bookmarked. I like to put them away. After playing, hhhhhhhhh, I will follow. 2 people agreed with the answer. Cortana has a connected account, and after connecting to uber, you can call it uber directly without the need for an app to post
  4. The mobile Taobao version is very old, effectively preventing oneself from chopping hands. The version of Zhihu is also very old, often popping up advertisements, and it automatically shuts down frequently, helping me quit Zhihu. However, it is very convenient to see pictures on Zhihu. However, connecting to the network is very fast. I think the feel of the phone is good. The built-in camera function is also good, and the pixels are quite high. Unfortunately, the selfie function is too poor,

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