What is the order of learning in Excel?

When I was in school, I used to study Excel when I had free time. Now, it has been very helpful for work, and efficiency has improved a lot. Below are some points that I have briefly listed, many of which can be expanded a lot. Here are just examples————————————————————————————– Table of Contents VBA Programming and Python Operation Excel Excel Linking Method to Create Summary Tables, Shortcut Keys, Shortcut Menu Important Operation Functions, Formulas, PivotTables Methodology 1. VBA Programming and Python Operation Excel Why did I just talk about programming? Because people who don’t know programming are not proficient in Excel, of course, even if they know programming, they may not necessarily be proficient in Excel. Pay attention to logical relationships. (1) Excel VBA programming can refer to my previous answer: ① How to quickly merge multiple Excel workbooks into one workbook?

② How to write VBA to create a macro that categorizes and summarizes data from Table 1 into other tables?

③ How did the Table God replace one data in multiple table files in the same folder?

(2) Python operating Excel is actually sufficient for general office needs, but if there is a large amount of data or a need for crawlers, Python operating Excel is necessary For example, in data analysis work, if the data volume is relatively large, there may be hundreds of thousands of rows, then using VBA will get stuck in the sky! ② For example, in financial quantitative investment work, it is necessary to use web crawlers to crawl stock trading data every day and conduct modeling and analysis, etc. At this time, Python is needed. Python has a ready-made library called Pandas, which is very convenient for processing Excel. For example, sometimes VBA requires dozens of lines of code, and using Python’s ready-made library may only take a few lines of code to complete! 2. Excel linking method is used to create summary tables. Financial dogs often create various summary tables, such as payments, income, profits or expenses, as well as forecast tables, some of which need to be updated monthly and some are updated daily. For example, if the company has more than N branches and summarizes them every day, the workload is still quite heavy and errors are prone to occur. This relatively fixed task can be linked together. For example: ① The group has three subsidiaries, A, B, and C, which summarize the sales volume of their products on a daily basis. In reality, the number of branch offices may be in the tens.

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