Why is there no PDF editor in the Microsoft Office family?

Actually, some people’s complaints are right. WPS like Kingsoft has a PDF editor, but Microsoft Office doesn’t. But some people have said that the original intention of the invention of PDF format was that it cannot be easily edited. According to the logic of these people, the product design logic of Microsoft Office actually conforms to the requirements of this format. Who is right and who is wrong? Actually, most people still haven’t mentioned one thing, which is that what we need is not necessarily a PDF editor, but a PDF reader. A PDF editor can definitely read PDFs, but just being a PDF reader does not necessarily require it to be able to edit. Microsoft’s PDF support allows for quick opening and viewing of PDFs. So I would like to extend it further, what are our higher requirements for PDF processing software currently? I don’t think it’s a requirement for a PDF processing software to be able to edit PDFs in such a complex way, but rather that this software can prohibit selecting, copying, and printing certain text and pages in PDFs. The latest Word still doesn’t have any of the above features. Many software options allow you to choose from when exporting documents to PDF. (However, in reality, this function of prohibiting copying is not very useful, it can only prevent gentlemen but not villains.) If future PDF processing software makes greater efforts in this area, it would be better.
I didn’t expect some people to see this answer, so let me add a little more explanation: let’s talk about Kingsoft WPS. WPS actually has four ways to export Word as PDF: save as, output as Google Chrome browser, and open it. It can also be copied normally but fails. ❎ So, the so-called “do not allow copying” option is actually just a soft requirement. What methods are there to prohibit copying? Wait, since it’s useless to ban copying, is there any way to simply make the text in the PDF document visible and unable to be selected by the mouse? Isn’t that enough? You can’t even choose, where else can you copy it? So is there any such method? In theory, there is, but I have searched various websites and couldn’t find this method. However, now I will provide a method that I have figured out on my own. I estimate that I am the only one on the entire network: using Word, click on: Font → Text Effects and Layout → Outline → Thickness → Other Lines → Set Text Effects Format, set any text outline, and then set the transparency to 100% without affecting the final presentation effect. The essence is to add a layer of text outline to avoid outputting text, and then make the outline completely transparent.

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