11 Windows 10 usage tips that computer novices must learn

Win10 has been released for 4 years now

At the beginning, everyone used it in roast

Up to now, updates and upgrades are all using Win10

The advantages are gradually being discovered and utilized by everyone

Today, I will introduce some to you

Win10 usage tips and software

The skills that have existed for a long time but have not been explored by anyone

  1. Windows shortcut keys

All martial arts in the world are unbreakable, only fast and unbreakable

Those who win with strength will decline, while those who win with strength will perish if their strength is exhausted

Speaking of tips for using Windows

Among them, shortcut keys are everyone’s favorite and commonly used ones

Let’s briefly talk about Win+numeric keys

It can quickly open the software on the bottom taskbar

The case is using Win+1 to open IE browser

And so on, use Win+2 to open the second cool dog music

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  1. Night mode

In Settings Personalization Colors

Can open the night mode of Win10

After turning on the night mode, in addition to the settings interface

My computer and some browsers will also have a dark background in their tab bar

In this way, you can also work overtime happily at night

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  1. Task View
    Open the task view and use the shortcut key Win+Tab

In the task view, you can see all the running software

Switch software by clicking on thumbnails

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In addition, continue sliding down the task view

You can also follow the chronological order

View files or web pages you opened earlier in the day and in the past few days

  1. With built-in input method, input rare characters

Previous Windows systems

The built-in input method functions are relatively weak

Everyone generally chooses to install third-party input methods

What should I do if I don’t know how to type unfamiliar characters in my daily life

For example, I have seen it many times

But I still can’t remember their pronunciations

Here, let me take typing as an example, in the state of Chinese input method

At the beginning, input a U, followed by the three additional characters that make up ǐ

You can easily type out the Chinese characters that you don’t know how to pronounce

  1. Switching between Simplified and Traditional Chinese Characters

The shortcut key for switching between simplified and traditional text is Ctrl+Shift+F

Before entering text in the document, press the shortcut key once

Enter the text again at this time, and the typed text will be in traditional Chinese

  1. The built-in screenshot function

In systems with version numbers Win10 1809 and above

You can use the shortcut keys Win+Shift+S

To use the new screenshot feature of Win10

When pressing the shortcut key, four screenshot options will appear at the top of the screen

These are rectangular screenshots, arbitrary shape screenshots, window screenshots, and full screen screenshots, respectively

After completing the screenshot, you can also include it in the screenshot and sketch

More editing of screenshots, such as adding graffiti, etc

  1. Fixed to Quick Access

In daily life, when it is necessary to frequently use a certain file

In addition to placing it on the desktop, you can also pin it to the quick access bar

Open my computer and on the left panel, you can see the recently used folders

Right click and select Pin to “Quick Access”

You can fix the folder to the quick access above it

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  1. Magnifier

Using shortcut keys Win+”+”

Can quickly open the system’s built-in magnifying glass function

After opening the magnifying glass, continue to use Win+”+”

You can zoom in on the screen and use Win+”-“

Then the screen can be reduced in size

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  1. Change the position of the taskbar at will

Place the mouse on the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the taskbar upwards

You can freely change the position of the taskbar

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  1. Hide desktop icons

If you put something on the desktop that you don’t want people to see (evil)

You can right-click in the blank space to view the list

Uncheck the display of desktop icons

You can achieve the goal of hiding desktop content

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  1. Restore closed web pages

We are using the browser

Sometimes due to operational errors

The webpage being used has been closed

In addition to using the browser’s history to open closed web pages

We can also use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+T

To reopen a webpage that has already been closed

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