Win11 UI Layout Review: UI Layout Major Improvements – Comprehensive Upgrade in Productivity and Usability

On June 24, 2021 at 23:00, Microsoft officially held a launch event for the next generation operating system Windows 11. As the most widely used PC operating system in the world, Windows has not had a major version update for 6 years. Therefore, news about the new system was widely followed before the official release of Windows 11.

According to previous reports, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay described the Windows 11 system as “Windows that brings you closer to what you love.”. The new generation of Windows has undergone changes in icons, menu bars, sound, and performance, and can also implement new methods for customizing computers.

Microsoft’s original intention in building the next generation of Windows was to create a familiar platform where users can create, learn, play games, and most importantly, establish connections in a brand new way.

UI layout redesign focuses on productivity while balancing creativity and usability

In terms of UI, Microsoft has simplified interface design and user operations, aiming to enhance productivity while stimulating more creativity. The all-new Windows is more modern, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing. Every sound, font, and icon, from the Start button and taskbar, has been carefully designed.

In terms of layout, Microsoft has placed the “Start” button in the center position, making it easier for users to quickly find the desired content. With cloud and Microsoft 365, the Start menu can display recent documents to users, regardless of which platform or device they have previously viewed them on, even if they have browsed these documents on Android or iOS devices. The Start menu allows users to have a clear view.

In terms of multiple windows, in Windows 11, Microsoft has launched new features such as tile layouts, tile groups, and virtual desktops, which can help users handle multiple tasks simultaneously. These new features can help users organize windows and optimize screen space, so that they can view content on demand in a clean and tidy layout.

It is worth mentioning that users can also create separate virtual desktops for their daily lives and work, and customize them according to their preferences. That is to say, if you are willing, you can have virtual desktops for work, gaming, or learning separately.

Simplify as much as possible and quickly establish connections with people you care about

In the current pandemic, Microsoft hopes to help users maintain close connections with people they care about no matter where they are, without being hindered by devices or platforms.

In terms of communication, Windows 11 has integrated Chat based on Microsoft Teams technology into the taskbar. Users, whether on Windows, Android, or iOS platforms, can connect in real-time with all their contacts through typing, chatting, voice or video, anywhere, on any platform or device. If the person communicating with the user has not yet downloaded the Teams application, the user can also contact them through two-way SMS.

Through Teams, users can have a more natural connection with family and friends. In addition, users can also directly turn on and off mute mode in the taskbar or start a presentation.

Play games to enhance the gaming experience on Windows PC

In terms of gaming experience, Windows 11 can fully unleash the potential of system hardware, allowing some cutting-edge gaming technologies to be used by players: DirectX 12 Ultimate can provide players with an immersive visual experience at high frame rates.

Direct storage can also provide faster loading times and finer game graphics quality; Auto HDR also provides players with a wider color gamut and more vivid colors, enhancing visual enjoyment.

In terms of peripheral compatibility, Windows 11 supports any PC gaming accessory and peripheral. Through Xbox Game Pass for PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, players can still access various PC games at any time and play together with game console users.

Faster information acquisition, focusing on information of interest

In terms of aggregating information, Windows 11 allows users to stay up-to-date with news and information they are concerned about through the Widgets feature. Widgets is a personalized prompt feature driven by AI and Microsoft Edge browsers.

On Windows 11, users can directly open a management view on their computer desktop. When the user opens a personalized prompt box, it will slide on the screen like a piece of glass, thus not affecting the user’s work. For content creators and publishers, Widgets open up new spaces in Windows for them to create personalized content.

Microsoft Store Upgrades Rich Applications and Entertainment Projects

In terms of the app store, Windows 11 has upgraded to the Microsoft Store. The redesigned Microsoft Store is faster and features a brand new design that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Microsoft not only brings more applications, but also through selection and curation, allows users to easily explore and discover all content, including applications, games, video programs, movies, and more.

In addition, we are pleased to welcome numerous excellent first party and third-party applications to join the Microsoft Store. It is reported that applications such as Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, and Canva have joined the Microsoft Store. Microsoft introduced that all applications in the Microsoft Store have passed security and home protection tests and can be downloaded with confidence.

In terms of cross platform connectivity, Windows 11 has introduced Android applications to Windows for the first time. Microsoft stated that later this year, users will be able to find Android applications in the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon App Store.

This means that users can use Tiktok to record and release videos, and use clip to edit. At present, we are not sure about the more operational mechanism, but Microsoft has stated that they will share more information related to this in the coming months.

IT deployment is faster, more secure, and more familiar

In terms of reliability, for IT departments, Windows 11 was developed on the basis of Windows 10, which has reliable stability, high-quality compatibility, and familiarity. Users can plan, prepare, and deploy Windows 11 just like using Windows 10. Microsoft promises that upgrading to Windows 11 will be the same as upgrading to Windows 10. When users install Windows 11 into their devices, the management experience they possess, such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, cloud configuration services, Windows Update for Business, and Autopilot, is equally applicable to future environments.

In terms of compatibility, Microsoft stated that ensuring the compatibility of applications is also a core design principle of Windows 11. Microsoft promises that users can continue to run applications on Windows 11 through App Assure. This service can help customers with a user base of over 150 solve any application problems at no additional cost.

Windows 11 ensures security from the design source, adopting new built-in security technologies to increase protection from the chip to the cloud, while achieving productivity and a new experience. Windows 11 provides a “zero trust security protection mode” operating system to protect data and cross device access. In addition, Microsoft also collaborates with OEM and chip partners to improve security standards to address the ever-changing threat landscape and meet the new demands of hybrid office.

It is reported that starting from this autumn, Windows 11 will provide free upgrades for eligible Windows 10 computers, and new computers here have already pre installed Windows 11. If users need to check if their current Windows 10 computer can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free, they can access Download the PC health check application.

Users who have previously purchased branded Windows PCs do not need to worry. Microsoft has also partnered with retail partners to ensure that Windows 10 computers are upgraded to Windows 11. The free upgrade will be launched to eligible Windows 10 computers starting this autumn and will continue until 2022.

Microsoft will begin offering early versions of Windows 11 through the Windows Insider Program next week.

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