Deep Reveal! Windows hidden techniques are fully resolved, doubling your work efficiency!

As a computer novice, are you still troubled by operating Windows? Today, the editor will reveal the hidden skills of Windows for you, making it easy for you to become a skilled operator! Here are 18 practical tips to help you play with your computer and move towards becoming a master operator!

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1、 One click memory cleaning, computer runs fast!

Have you ever experienced computer lag? Simply press the Win+R key and enter the “cleanmgr” command to open the disk cleaning tool. Clean up useless temporary files, system logs, etc. with just one click, making your computer look brand new!

2、 Quickly shut down or restart, bid farewell to waiting!

Do you want to shut down or restart your computer immediately? Simply right-click on the bottom left corner of the desktop and select the “Shutdown/Restart” option to quickly execute shutdown or restart commands.

3、 Set up a personalized desktop to showcase your personality!

Want a unique desktop? You can create your own personalized desktop by changing wallpapers, icons, mouse pointers, and more. Operation method: Click “Settings” ->”Personalization” ->”Desktop” to make modifications.

4、 Efficient search, no longer getting lost!

Want to quickly find files? Enter the file name in the start menu to achieve real-time search. At the same time, you can also open the file search box with the Win+F key and enter keywords to search.

5、 One second screenshot, easy to save!

Want a screenshot? Simply press the Win+PrintScreen key to take a full screen screenshot. After taking a screenshot, it will be automatically saved to the clipboard. You can paste and save it in drawing tools or other editing software.

6、 Convenient virtual desktop, balancing work and entertainment!

Want to switch between multiple desktops? Simply press the Win+Tab key to switch between virtual desktops. Let your work and entertainment not interfere with each other, and improve work efficiency!

7、 Quickly open the File Explorer and locate the file location!

Press the Win+E key to quickly open the File Explorer, making it easy to find and manage files.

8、 Timed shutdown to save energy!

Set a scheduled computer shutdown to avoid prolonged idle time. Operation method: Click “Start” ->”Settings” ->”Control Panel” ->”Power Options” ->”Create Power Plan” ->Set shutdown time.

9、 Easy backup and restore of system, not afraid of blue screen!

Regularly use the system’s built-in backup tool to backup the system, just in case. Operation method: Click “Start” ->”Settings” ->”System” ->”Backup and Restore” ->Create system image.

10、 Personalized taskbar, making work more efficient!

Customize the icons, size, and position of the taskbar to make computer operations more convenient. Operation method: Click “Start” ->”Settings” ->”Personalization” ->”Taskbar”.

11、 Optimize system startup items to improve computer performance!

Disable infrequently used startup programs to increase computer startup speed. Operation method: Click “Start” ->”Run” ->enter “msconfig” ->open “System Configuration” ->select “Services” ->disable unnecessary startup items.

12、 Use shortcut keys to get twice the result with half the effort!

Master common shortcut keys, such as Ctrl+C copy, Ctrl+V paste, Ctrl+Z undo, Ctrl+Y redo, etc., to improve work efficiency.

13、 Folder encryption, protect privacy!

Add password protection to important folders to prevent data leakage. Operation method: Right click on the folder ->”Properties” ->”Encryption” ->Set password.

14、 Customize system fonts to enhance visual effects!

Change the system font to make the computer interface more beautiful. Operation method: Click “Start” ->”Settings” ->”Personalization” ->”Font”.

15、 Use Task Manager to monitor the running status of your computer!

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager. Through the Task Manager, you can view real-time running status, switch windows, end tasks, and more.

16、 One click factory reset to solve system issues!

When there is a problem with the system, it can be resolved by restoring the factory settings with just one click. Operation method: Click “Start” ->”Settings” ->”Update and Security” (System) ->”Restore” ->select “One click Restore” (Reset).

17、 Create multiple user accounts and switch roles!

Create multiple accounts for different users to achieve quick switching. Operation method: Click “Start” ->”Settings” ->”Account” ->”Add Account”.

18、 Use wireless display function for easy screen mirroring!

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